2 more days of cookies and one cookie FAIL

2 more days of cookies and one cookie FAIL

2 Out of 3 is pretty good right?

Day 21 brought us our first official cookie fail. We’ve had bobbles throughout this Cookie Countdown, but they all worked out well enough. Today’s cookie wasn’t worth finishing. We’ll try again after Christmas.

Day 19: Sugar Cookie cut-outs

The eldest does an occasional “Zoom-bake” with a friend who also really enjoys baking. Cut-out sugar cookies are what she made during the most recent “Zoom-bake”. The dough was prepped ahead of time and ready to roll and decorate while hanging out on the Zoom. She made the icing using Wilton’s meringue powder. We hadn’t used this before until recently. The kids really like it’s marshmallowy flavor, and it is super easy to whip up a batch of royal icing with it. It’s a tad on the sweet side for me, but I love the convenience of it.

Day 20: Pan Lebkuchen

This is a cookie I have not baked since I was in the kitchen of my childhood home with my mom. In fact, I don’t believe I have made this recipe in it’s entirety on my own. I did find a recipe for Lebkuchen that I baked a few years back, but it was not the same one that I grew up with. My mom delivered this recipe about a week or so ago, and I was so excited! The flavors in this recipe are so amazing -you can taste the honey, the molasses, the spices, and the lemon. So good! The only struggle we had was getting it out of the pan cleanly. I’m not sure if this is due to the gluten-free flour substitution or just not enough grease in the pan. I do remember that my mom would cut these on-point, or into diamonds, and would stud them each with a sliver of candied fruit. I just wasn’t that fancy.

*Just a quick note/shout-out: The beautiful pottery plate holding the Pan Lebkuchen was made by our friends at Cascadia Stoneware Pottery. Jeff and Natalie make the loveliest and incredibly functional kitchen ware. Go check out their website and beautiful hand crafted art!

Day 21: Macaron cookie FAIL

This is not my first Macaron rodeo…it’s my second. The first time, they came out AMAZING, and I expected nothing less the second time. I most certainly didn’t expect our first cookie fail of the season. Apparently, beginner’s luck is a thing, or maybe it was a bum recipe. Hard to say, but these macarons were supposed to be a gorgeous turquoise blue color, crunch on the outside and chewy on the inside. They weren’t.

showing the interior of macaron

We are newer to the Mandalorian Bandwagon, but hopped on, and are loving the ride. The scene where The Child sneaks another child’s snacks was so naughty and endearing at the same time. We totally wanted to make these treats, which simply looked like turquoise macarons. I found a recipe online, from a reputable source, utilizing ingredients I had in my cupboard. This recipe was different from before. The first time we made these, they were Raspberry Macarons, and that wasn’t what we were going for this time. It seems like the cook time was a little long -about 15 minutes total, and I failed to check them again after the halfway time.

Image result for Mandalorian macarons

They were crunchy on the outside…inside too. Our lovely turquoise color was PERFECT…on the inside. Look at their feet! Feet are a plus! We will try these again, and use a different recipe, AND watch the oven a bit more closely.

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