Cookie baking burnout is REAL!

Oh man, I do love the tradition of cookie baking during the holidays. All of those familiar smells and flavors… but the cookie baking burnout is real! When we were planning this 24 day cookie countdown, there was so much excitement and energy. Oh, the possibilities! New recipes, old ones, cookie experiments -oh my!

Where’s the motivation??

Now that we’ve made our favorites, our comfort cookies, and our freezer has plenty of cookies. We have cookies for Christmas morning and cookies to share, where is our motivation to continue?? The motivation comes from successful tinkering of an old recipe, baking a delicious, new-to-us recipes, and looking forward to attempting a tasty challenge or two.

Day 16: Grandma’s Molasses cookies, Version 2.0

How to deal with cookie baking burnout? Make your favorite recipe, again. Okay, this may not sound very interesting, repeating old news, but the eldest messed with Grandma’s recipe. Because she struggles with cinnamon, my cookie companion wanted to bake Grandma’s Molasses cookies without it. Instead, she subbed in an equal amount of nutmeg.

Was I concerned?

Of course! You don’t mess with a perfect recipe!

Did it work?

You bet it did! Now my girl is happy to munch this tasty recipe without getting a scratchy throat from it. I am so glad she was brave enough to tinker with this recipe, because I sure wasn’t! See the original recipe here: Our favorite holiday cookie • Crafting Our World

Day 17: Butter cookies to beat the baking burnout

The eldest took the cookie helm again, and found this recipe from Food Network: The Best Butter Cookies Recipe | khalil hymore quasha | Food Network These are a really light, almost fluffy, but not chewy cookie. The flavors of butter and sugar are really showcased -yum!

What is next for the Cookie Countdown?

Come join us again as we continue to battle (and defeat) the Cookie Countdown baking burnout with some new baking adventures. We will be attempting baklava, macarons, and more by the 24th day.

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