Cookie Catch-up: 3 cookie recipes – 1 post!

Yikes! The holiday busy-ness is upon us around here. Despite the goings-on, we have been sticking with our 24 days of cookies/treats and counting down the days until Christmas. Today, we have our past 3 days of cookie experiences and recipes to share with you.

Day13: Cereal Treat Bars

The girls got together and made this with ingredients we had on-hand. We did not have a crisped rice cereal in the pantry, so the youngest, with supervision from the oldest, and a verbal recipe from me went to work. The end result was a chocolatey, gooey, festive and delicious mess!

#1 of 3 cookie recipes:

Day 14: Combining strengths

Everyone was pretty tired yesterday, and it got to be pretty late before someone jumped in to be the cookie baker for the day. The two oldest joined forces. My son has gotten pretty good at baking chocolate chip cookies over the past year. His sister had him make the dough from his favorite recipe, and she then spread it into our bar pan, and stayed up to bake them. The result: a successful recipe #2 of our 3 cookie recipes for this post!

The recipe he likes is a classic. Original NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie | Toll House ( Just a couple of adjustments: Gluten-free flour instead of all-purpose, and no nuts. Also, eldest baked these in a stoneware pan, so it required a little extra baking time as well. So yummy!

Day 15: All caught up!

The last of our 3 cookie recipes for today

You will see these cookies again in this countdown! Today, I put together our Gingerbread Cookie dough in a quantity suitable for a cookie exchange. While we aren’t exchanging them, I am baking a few today for our Girl Scout Troop’s holiday virtual event this weekend. The girls will get to meet online and decorate these cookies together. Ahead of time, the cookies and icing will be safely distributed to them. The rest of the dough is off to the freezer until next week. That is when we will take it over to Grandma’s house and cut, bake, and decorate with her, as is traditional. If possible, we will video chat with other family members during this time.

Okay, here is the recipe: Gingerbread Cutouts (Cookie Exchange Quantity) Recipe – Traditionally, my mother-in-law will mix up a double batch of the Gingerbread Man recipe from Betty Crocker. Last year, I used the same recipe, but subbed in Gluten-free flour. It was really good! This year, I’m baking the big quantity since it’s for a couple of cookie events.

Not sure what was going on with the cookie cutter (it was a plastic one, but all of the gingerbread persons only have one eye! Lol. Oh well, we only had one lose a limb. They should be fun to decorate with the girls!

Check back soon to see what cookie will be next!

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