Cookie Countdown Wrap Up

Cookie Countdown Wrap Up

Merry Christmas Eve! Thank you for joining us in this adventure. Today, we wrapped up our Cookie Countdown. Our last couple of recipes have been traditions in our family for decades.

After the Mandalorian Macaron fall-out, I needed something really easy and dependable to make. Here comes The Original Fantasy Fudge Recipe | Allrecipes. This is the recipe that can be found on the back of Kraft branded Marshmallow Creme. We had all the ingredients ready and whipped up a creamy batch before bedtime. Yum! Redemption tastes so sweet…

Wrap up Grand Finale

We wrapped up our Cookie Countdown with our traditional Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Fest with hubby’s family. In a normal year, this would entail all available family members (siblings, cousins, grandma), rolling, cutting, baking, and finally, decorating. Because this isn’t a normal year, we did all of the prep work and baking beforehand at our house with this recipe. Then met with grandma and aunt (who are also our neighbors) and got our longest-distance cousin on video chat and got to decorating. It felt almost normal. My favorite part is just the connecting and seeing what the kids come up with in the decorating.

I think we knocked it out of the park this year. Can you tell how much I love my Washington State cookie cutter! Have to rep my gingerbread in Evergreen and Blue.

Wishing all of you and yours a very blessed Christmas and holiday season, however you celebrate it. May your New Year be crafted with love, joy, good health, and peace. See you soon!

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