Could this be the best gluten-free, dairy-free, and corn syrup free Pecan Pie??


Thanksgiving will be here very soon, and it’s time to put that oven to work on the baking. Pecan pie is in high-demand here this year and I have all of the ingredients…or do I???

I have NEVER baked Pecan Pie

Our family often relies on someone else making the classic recipe on the back of the Karo syrup bottle. This year, it’s up to me. I started by measuring out the borrowed (and not returned!) bottle of corn syrup only to find that it only contains half of what we need for the recipe. I call our corn syrup lender for more, but alas, they hadn’t replaced the bottle they’d given us when my son wanted to make his own candy corn.

Choice Time:

Do I go out and face the Thanksgiving Eve grocery store crowd OR attempt a new recipe for a crew expecting the tried and true? Well, I’m most certainly not going to the grocery store. Been there, done that, learned my lesson (more than once).

All of my go-to cookbooks Pecan Pie recipes called for corn syrup (boo!). So, diving online, I found this recipe at Little House Big Alaska who sourced a corn syrup free recipe from an older Betty Crocker cookbook. She has a pie crust recipe as well. However, I admit, I do not find joy in making pie crust. Instead, I utilized our go-to favorite gluten-free pie shell by Wholly Wholesome. I like this one mostly because it doesn’t contain corn and I know what all of the ingredients are.

Baking for the lactose, gluten, and corn intolerant

Because we try to eat gluten, dairy, and corn-free, new recipes don’t always hold up to the adjustments I make to them, and sometimes, they adjust amazingly. I made a couple of substitutions to the filling recipe as indicated below. This will have to finish baking, cool, and wait for tomorrow for an official review. Here is the recipe adjusted:

Pecan Pie, ready to get baked

Cooling down…

The results are in!! After pulling from the oven, and allowing the pie to cool, I was very discouraged by the big puddle of coconut oil that was between the foil pan containing the pie and the glass pan I used “just in case” of overflow in the oven. The exposed crust also looked pretty oily. I did not have particularly high hopes and was glad we had our classic fruit crisp available as back-up.

Not so pretty piece of pecan pie

This turned out to be a huge hit. The texures were on point: crispy (not greasy) crust, caramelly custard, and a good candied crunch on top with the pecans. It was gone before bedtime. I do want to fiddle with the coconut oil amount or try with coconut butter instead. We will totally make this recipe again.

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