Day 7: Snickerdoodles

Day 7: Snickerdoodles

On our 7th day of Cookies, we bake Snickerdoodles!

We have so many favorite holiday recipes, that I think this cookie gets skipped too often. So, on Day 7 we brought Snickerdoodles to the countdown to Christmas. That being said, it is a great cookie to have in other seasons too, not just during the holidays. When I do bake them, I tend to make them more around Easter, that early Spring time of year.

I do not have a favorite Snickerdoodle recipe…yet

If you have an absolute to-die-for Snickerdoodle recipe, feel free to share it -we’d love to try! I have used several recipes interchangeably within the cookbooks on my shelves. They are all good, no complaints.. For Day 7 with Snickerdoodles, we went back to the Cookies! A Cookie Lover’s Collection cookbook, with only a couple of recipe substitutions. First, swapped for our go-to gluten-free flour. Second, my eldest has a sensitivity to cinnamon, so we made a half-dozen rolled in plain sugar instead of a cinnamon blend. Interestingly enough, these stuck to the pan, unlike the cinnamon coated ones. Who knew?

My FAVORITE cookie cookbook

Okay, we have talked about several cookie cookbooks, or cookbooks with cookies that we use regularly around here. What we haven’t talked about is my, and my oldest kiddo’s, favorite. We don’t talk about it because it makes us sad. A few years back, we had an issue with our roof where it leaked down the side of the chimney and right into my cookbook cupboard over the stove. It was a mess, but the casualties were relatively minimal. The exception being our copy of BH&G Cookies: Any-Day Treats/Cookies: Christmastime Treats. It was soaked all the way through and many of our favorite cookie recipes were all stuck together. We dried it the best we could, and pried apart what we could. A lot of the ink had transferred and parts of the book won’t open still. Did I mention it smells weird? Nevertheless, I share simply because it has a great Snickerdoodle recipe, and it shares a page with an even better Chocolate Crinkle recipe that you’ll meet later in the month (spoilers!).

I hope I don’t ever need a book copy of a Zimtstern recipe!

The final product: Snickerdoodles on Day 7

The Goods:

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