Day 9: Spritz Cookies, an experiment

Day 9: Spritz Cookies, an experiment

Day 9 is the day we made Spritz cookies, for the first, and maybe last time in our home.

The recipe was really easy to use, and the dough came together quickly and required no chilling. The only misstep we had in the dough execution was a debate on whether to add the “optional” almond extract. I think almond extract is what makes a Spritz cookie taste like a Spritz cookie. My daughter thinks almond extract is horrid. I was willing to split the difference, but alas, we had none, so she won that round. Day 9 and Spritz Cookies were underway with a classic recipe from my red & white checkered BHG New Cook Book circa 1989. Online version: Spritz | Better Homes & Gardens (

To twist or to squeeze?

While confirming that we still had my grandma’s 1953 Wear-Ever Cookie Gun to execute Day 9 with Spritz Cookies, I made a crazy discovery. Not only did we have Grandma’s cookie gun, but we had my Mom’s Pampered Chef Cookie Press, AND a new Wilton Cookie Press. I have never made Spritz cookies in my house before, so why did we have 3 DIFFERENT cookie presses in the cupboard? I have a hard time passing up baking gadgets, especially if they belonged to someone I love. So what to do but try ALL three?

My neighbor had just finished her annual Spritz Cookie fest. After hearing about our upcoming cookie press test, she mentioned that she had used her grandma’s press too, and it was hard to use and gave her blisters. Not what I wanted to hear. Her prediction was that the Pampered Chef press would be the winner, I thought the same. We were both wrong!

It’s better to squeeze your Spritz cookies

I am a huge fan of Pampered Chef products and use them for baking all the time. Can you imagine our surprise when we couldn’t get a single cookie to come out properly from their press? Granted, there probably was a lot of operator error, so I wouldn’t chalk it up to the tool necessarily. It turned out to be a toss-up between the two squeeze/trigger presses. Once we actually figured out how to get the cookies onto the pan, which was a comedy of errors, everything moved pretty efficiently. My daughter and I found that we liked using the squeeze/trigger press most. Her preference was the new Wilton model, while I liked using Grandma’s vintage gun. I will say that her cookies turned out much more attractive than mine, but I think that was more the operator than the tool.

Grandma;s 1953 Wear-Ever Cookie Gun

I’m not sure if it was just me, but I found making Spritz Cookies on Day 9 to be equal parts hilarity and exasperation. Especially when I found a shape-disk in the vintage box to make Spritz People! Who knew?!? I had to make a few. They kind of look like emaciated, Stay-Puft Marshmallow men, sans sailor gear.

The Goods

Here is a list of the products we used and where you can find them. Pampered Chef USA no longer carries cookie presses according to their website. I’m listing the newest version of the BHG New Cookbook, there are lots of editions available though. Mine is a hardcover, ring-bound version.

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  1. Jackie Wilcox

    Good try. I always found it hard to get just the right amount of dough out so that the baked cookies were not too fat or too thin. y mother always made them without the almond extract and they were like a butter cookie, but I prefer them with it.

    1. craftingourworld

      It was definitely a learning experience! I think it will be easier next time, if we choose to do so.

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