Days 11 & 12: Two chocolate recipes? Yes please!

To make up for not posting yesterday, I am doubling the chocolate today with two chocolate recipes! Both recipes have been adapted to be gluten-free AND dairy-free. And, did I mention that they are loaded with chocolate flavor??

Day 11 -Chocolate Crinkles

My son jumped into the Cookie Countdown yesterday, and busted out the first of our two chocolate recipes. He baked up a batch of the Better Homes and Gardens Chocolate Crinkle recipe found in our sad, stuck-together cookbook. First, he substituted in our favorite gluten-free flour, instead of regular flour. Then, he used coconut oil for the fat. The texture on these is awesome. They are slightly crunchy on the outside, with a nice, chewy, brownie-like consistency inside.

Day 12: Chocolate recipe number two, Vegan Fudge

I think we are facing mid-point burnout on our 24 days of cookies. Hubby jumped in to help today. He is traditionally the one who makes our holiday fudge. Being resourceful, he found the evaporated coconut milk I had been stashing for just this occasion and a recipe to go with it: Easy Vegan Chocolate Fudge – No Fail | Natural Tasty Chef

He pulled out all of the necessary ingredients, after dinner had been put away, and got to work. The mixture appeared quite soupy, after the last ingredient was added. We double-checked the recipe to find that it called for Condensed Sweetened Coconut milk, not Evaporated. Oops! He went ahead and poured it as planned since the mixture tasted good. The fudge was supposed to set up in the freezer anyways, so we think it will just have a firmer texture once set. I threw in some mini-marshmallows and crushed pecans for fun.

Hubby made another batch, since our cupboard had a can of the condensed sweetened milk the recipe called for. The fudge was much thicker than the first round, after adding the last ingredient. Finally, it went off to the freezer to set, without marshmallows or pecans, just a little sprinkle of salt on top. After the fudge sets, we will sample it!

The Goods:

A few things we used in our two chocolate based recipes:

*We used a different brand of coconut milk. This is the brand used in the recipe with the correct quantity. Our brand was 1/3 less, so we needed to adjust recipe accordingly.

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