Infamous Peppermint Bark for 3/4 mark

Infamous Peppermint Bark for 3/4 mark

While not technically a cookie, this is a recipe outside of our repertoire. The official recipe is called Almost-Famous Peppermint Bark. After making it, I am calling it Infamous Peppermint Bark. I happened upon the recipe earlier today as I was doing my morning perusal through social media. Interestingly, it was posted in the blog of our favorite local drugstore chain in a post titled: 12 Days of Holiday Baking. They listed lots of delicious sounding recipes, although only about half were cookies. The Peppermint Bark recipe caught my eye.

I love a good deal!

Earlier in the season, pre-Thanksgiving, I was shopping at a local grocer. They stock all kinds of items, including good selection of gluten-free and organic items for good prices. I try to go once a month or so. They get a lot of overstock items, so you don’t always know what will be on the shelves or how much of it. It so happened that the last couple of times I had been, they had been getting overstock from a candy company that was going out of business. I scored some great deals on Christmas taffy, baking chips, and white chocolate. The white chocolate was actually purchased with the intent of making some kind of Peppermint Bark, so that worked out really well.

The Infamous Peppermint Bark recipe

I liked this recipe for two reasons: It sounded easy and I had ALL of the ingredients on hand. The latter, has been an increasingly important reason, as my love of grocery shopping has taken a huge down turn this year for many reasons. Also, part of learning to become more self-sufficient is working with what you have and making do. This is a process I have found enjoyable, most days.

This recipe was easy to make, but a bit time-consuming. Don’t confuse easy with fast. The first step has you lining a pan with foil and smoothing out the wrinkles…Ummm, mine didn’t work out that well. I figure that it just won’t be smooth and pretty on the bottom. Misstep #2: I totally forgot to add peppermint to the melted dark chocolate -oops. No worries, I made up for it in the white chocolate. I subbed out the peppermint extract and used Peppermint essential oil from Young Living instead. I used approximately 8 drops in the white chocolate. These are the little things that make this “Infamous Peppermint Bark” rather than Almost-Famous Peppermint Bark Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network

A soothing process after festive fun

We had a festive family outing after dinner tonight. Our “Minivan Express” left the station stocked with hot chocolate, candy canes, and people in new Christmas jammies, set for a driving tour of local lights. What better way to settle down after all the sugar, lights, and excitement of Snowflake Lane? A slow, quiet chocolate melting process to get the Peppermint Bark going.

Admittedly, I was trying to “cram” this recipe in before bed. I forgot, easy does not equal fast. This melting process took a bit, but it provided an awesome opportunity to just slow down and have some mental quiet time. The slow, easy stirring of the melting chocolate was perfectly soothing. I will sleep well while the chocolate sets overnight. Tomorrow, we will sample.

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