Our favorite holiday cookie

Our favorite holiday cookie

Day 8 is a cookie worth repeating

Over and over and over again. Our favorite holiday cookie is so good, that we will be making a double-batch, more than once. These are my all-time favorite cookie and overall, our family’s favorite. Grandma’s Molasses Cookies are good any time of the year. However, they seem to taste best around the holidays, when Grandma used to make them.

A cookie of many talents

This cookie is crunchy, it’s chewy, and it tastes like Christmas! What makes this our favorite cookie at the holidays, aside from the incredible flavor, is it’s ability to stack up into giftable packaging without falling apart. This sturdy cookie also stores well in the freezer, so we can happily munch on them Christmas morning, after baking them weeks ahead of time. Yes, we eat cookies for Christmas morning breakfast. Judge all you like, but it’s a delicious tradition!

Our favorite holiday cookie is gluten AND dairy free!

One adjustment was made to Grandma’s recipe. We substituted the all-purpose flour with Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour (bobsredmill.com). Even with this change, the cookie is just as delicious as ever. The next time we bake a batch, I may try subbing out half the shortening for coconut oil, as I’m not a fan of shortening’s health benefits, or lack thereof. Now, here is the recipe to our FAVORITE holiday cookie:

The Goods:

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