Taking control of our food supply with a challenge

Taking control of our food supply with a challenge

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve taken a bit of time off to enjoy the holidays with my loved ones, and am now recharged and ready to grab ahold of the New Year. We are going to set some goals and work some challenges to support our self-sufficiency and take control of our food supply.

No grocery shopping in January!

We are jumping into a different sort of challenge to kick off the new year. Like many others, we often start with a physical detox, giving our bodies a reset to start the year. This challenge seems to suit our current global situation. Instead of detoxing ourselves, we are detoxing our reliance on the big supply chain. We are doing a Pantry Challenge where we attempt to rely on what we have on-hand, our resources/creativity, and skip the grocery shopping for January.

Why would we do this?

A) I just do not love grocery shopping like I used to. It is now an anxiety-ridden adventure and I can’t always know where the food is coming from .B) I want to know how far I have come in my suburban-homesteading adventure. How well did my garden harvest & preserving hold up from the past year? What can I do to improve it this year? C) We need to mix up our menu and get a little creative. D) I want to have better control over my food supply -2020 showed us the importance of this. E) Girl Scout Law: Use resources wisely & Help to make the world a better place. This will also help us save a little money by not making those extra impulse buys that always seem to happen at the grocery store.

Step 1: Inventory Pantry/Freezer/Fridge

Our freezer has not been this organized in awhile! Did you know that milk freezes awesomely? A little trick my grandma taught me. Just make sure to take it out at least 24hrs before you need it -learned that one the hard way, more than once.

Step 2: Get Ready

We didn’t do anything to really stock-up or get ready for this challenge. This past year has really taught me to take into consideration for each (about weekly) grocery trip, to make it count because I might not get back for awhile. This does not mean that we have hoarded supplies. Quite the opposite, in fact, we made necessary purchases for what we knew we would use, but not more, keeping consideration for others in mind. I am acknowledging that I will need to purchase eggs as our hens are not currently laying at all, or possibly fresh produce. We did use forms provided by the challenge host to inventory our supplies.

What is so important about having control of our food supply?

There are so many articles about this that can cover this topic much better than myself, so instead, I’m just going to put a few questions out there for consideration: Have you been to the grocery store lately and an item you wanted was not available? What if ALL similar items weren’t available? How would you handle that? What if you couldn’t access a grocery store for a week (or more!) and online delivery was not an option? Would you and your family be okay? Imagine there were no restaurants open…not even for takeout. Could you still feed your family?

I’m not talking about becoming a Prepper or anything more extreme than being able to feed your household from supplies you have on hand. 2020 has shown us that we can’t always just go to the store and get what we want/need. Online deliveries might not be able to deliver what you need for a couple of days either. This is what we’re talking about when we want better/more control of our food supply; decreasing the reliance on large suppliers for food.

Check it out!

Take control of YOUR food supply:

If this piques your interest and you would like to have a little more control over your food supply, visit Anna at The House and Homestead. Anna is the host of this very flexible challenge. She provides lots of great tools to help you succeed at whatever level you want to work at. Did I mention that she has prizes via her IG? Let her know I sent you. 😉 We’re all in this together! 2021 Homestead Pantry Challenge | The House & Homestead (thehouseandhomestead.com)

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  1. Jackie Wilcox

    I joined the challenge! I’m excited to do this because I’ve been planning our meals since last Spring. I plan about a week ahead and allow for shifting the meals when we have to throw in a Leftovers day. I will be going to the produce department of the grocery because I need the fresh goods, but I’ll will use pantry items for everything else.

    1. craftingourworld

      It sounds like you have the meal planning aspect down -good for you! That is something I definitely need to make a better habit of, and I hope this challenge helps me with that. We will definitely be going to the store for fresh items like veggies and eggs. I think we have enough milk and fruit for the duration though. Good luck!

  2. PESINA5535

    Thank you!!1

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