The Cookie Countdown Continues

The Cookie Countdown Continues

As we bake our way through the weekend, our Cookie Countdown continues through Days 5 and 6. Our first bake of the weekend yields us a year-round classic that is hearty and full of texture. Today’s bake, well, it technically isn’t a cookie, but rather a candy. However, I have all of the ingredients on-hand, and I’m in charge here, so there’s that.

Day 5

This is one of my favorite non-chocolate cookies, and it is great to munch all year long. I really have a hard time turning down all the textures and flavors in this cookie. It’s the Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chunk cookie recipe often found on the back of a package of Craisins or their website: Craisins® Dried Cranberries Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies | Ocean Spray® I know I said “non-chocolate” cookies, and the recipe clearly says chocolate -I may be opening up a big debate here, but I do not consider white chocolate to be actual chocolate as it does not contain cocoa powder. There, I said it. Okay, on to the recipe, which is below with my adjustments. Adding a little orange peel and 2 drops of Orange essential oil to this cookie really brings out all of the flavors and gives it that bright citrus note.

Day 6

Friday night, as the cookie countdown continues, I went through my loose recipe box where I store an assortment of recipe cards and clippings. In the front of the box, there is an uncategorized stack of recipes. These are often the ones that we use regularly, or are holiday cookie staples. This is where I found today’s recipe, kind of crumpled up and hidden. While technically not a cookie, it is a holiday treat that I am taking the liberty to include in this countdown. Because this recipe calls for heavy cream, it’s a perfect way to use up the extra we have in the fridge from an accidental Thanksgiving double purchase. This is Dark Chocolate Truffles | Ghirardelli another recipe that was clipped from ingredient packaging. I’m mixing it up a little (of course) and using some of my Young Living vitality oils to add some extra flavor. Dark Chocolate and Orange? Yes please!

Bowls of divided truffle “batter” and their flavorings

The flavors:

After doubling the recipe and making the truffle “batter”, I divided it into 3 shallow bowls. I maximized the use of my rainbow dishes, so that as they were cooling in the fridge, I would remember how each was flavored. FiestaWare for the win! For flavors, I opted for a couple of traditional flavors (Orange and Peppermint), and one a little out of my box with Nutmeg and Cardamom. I put about a quarter of the mix in for the blended flavor, and split the rest between the Peppermint and Orange. 4 drops of oil each for Peppermint and Orange. I think 3 drops would have been okay, just more subtle. The Orange reminds me of those shaped chocolate oranges that come out during the holidays, with a more natural flavor. For the blend I used 2 drops of Nutmeg and 1 of Cardamom, and it was perfect! It makes a nice, cozy flavor.

The coatings:

The traditional coating is a dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder and I went with this on the Orange Truffle. For the Peppermint Truffle, crushed candy canes. And for the Cardamom-Nutmeg, chopped pecans. Of course, I only had 3 candy canes on hand, and well, I will probably have to finish the batch later. Note: when using a rolling pin to “chop” your pecans, please make sure your unsealed crushed candy canes are out of the way!

Nevertheless, they got finished (mostly) and look and taste great! I recommend this recipe for it’s ease and flexibility with flavors. Truffles also provide that kind of “WOW” factor especially when it comes to holiday treat gifting.

Check back in with us as our cookie countdown continues, we’ll have more recipes and tips for your holiday baking!

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