Turkey Leftovers 101: Don’t get stuck in a turkey rut

Turkey makes such a fantastic holiday meal and can feed a crowd. So what happens when you still want to have that traditional holiday turkey meal, but you aren’t feeding a crowd? Turkey Leftovers!!

Day 1: The Feast

Thanksgiving Day, although it was just us, we opted to keep it “normal” and have our traditional meal of a whole turkey and the trimmings. Hubby got up on the earlier side to put the bird into the smoker. We kept it very simple with a dry rub, a few hours on smoke, then turning the heat up for the final cook and a crispy skin. It was delish! The turkey was paired with mashed (skin on) potatoes, sweet potatoes (no marshmallows), cranberry sauce, raw veggies and dip, roasted carrots, and jello salad.

Day 2: Straight up Leftovers

Yup, another tradition here. Day after a turkey feast, we do not cook. It’s a “make what you want” kind of secondary feasting from the previous day’s leftovers.

Day 3: Quick Turkey Pho

This is a favorite of mine to use up chicken or turkey leftovers and homemade bone broth. I start early in the day, or even the day before to make the broth.

Come back later for Days 4 & 5. That’s as far as the leftovers went.

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  1. Jackie Wilcox

    Your Thanksgiving looks wonderful and it sounds like it was delicious. I’m jealous of your left overs. Our small meal didn’t leave many. Your table looks like something that Norman Rockwell would have painted.

    1. craftingourworld

      Aw, thank you! The leftovers were good, I’m surprised they didn’t last longer. They usually do. Oh well!

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