Turkey Leftovers 101: There are more turkey leftovers

Turkey Leftovers 101: There are more turkey leftovers

Day 1: Holiday feast

Since the dinner crowd this year was likely your own household, there wasn’t much option of sending turkey home with guests. Delivering turkey dinner to neighbors who were alone, or unable to have a big meal would be a thoughtful day-of option. Still have turkey leftovers? Follow me for favorite, quick, leftover-anytime options.

Quick Leftover Fried Rice

I love making fried rice as a leftover user! It calls for things that we always have on hand: veggies, egg, meat, rice or cauliflower, and seasonings. As far as holiday meals, this recipe is great for using veggie tray leftovers and leftover holiday meats like chicken, turkey, or ham. Hubby and I prefer using cauliflower rice, but this isn’t the kiddos favorite, so I often make a pot of rice for them to serve with fried “rice”. Lately, I have been doing traditional fried rice without the cauliflower. Likely, because I am not frequenting the grocery store as often, and because my cauliflower did not have a good year in the garden. Oh well…

Do you still have turkey leftovers??

Me too. Now it’s time for a good old stand-by. Turkey Soup with Rice, total comfort food. This recipe could be easily turned into Turkey Noodle Soup by adding pre-cooked pasta instead of rice. The nice thing about this recipe is that it offers a basic structure with room for “creativity”. You could add some extra veggies or, yum, bacon in the initial sauté. Or, use veggie broth and skip the meat to make this a vegan soup. Mix up the rice type you use, or as mentioned before, swap the rice for pasta in any shape. I really like using a rice blend because of the textures it offers. We used and enjoyed this blend. So many possibilities! Here is the recipe I used and it was really good, but feel free to make it your own.

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